Captain Jefferds Inn Branding


The owners of the Captain Jefferds Inn, a historic B&B in Kennebunkport, Maine, felt it was time to refresh their brand. They wanted a simple, contemporary look that communicated that bed and breakfast inns don’t have to be about doilies and dark rooms packed with tchotchkes.


A positioning strategy was developed to inform a distinct visual and verbal voice.  As part of the Scope, we developed the brand identity, stationery, and marketing collateral. In the logo, a key replaces the “stock” in the anchor, marrying the idea of hospitality with a traditional nautical symbol.


A suite of new marketing collateral and merchandise create a cohesive look with a design style and sensibility that echoes their culture, core values and personality. The owners focus on providing luxurious accommodations and gourmet food to create a guest experience that exceeds expectations.

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